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It's not easy to be conscious of today's global changes

With MBU you will learn how to master an agile behaviour that allows you to onboard the company of the future.


Our instructors have 20 years' experience in this industry. Instructors have dedicated their lives understanding how people commit to and collaborate in complex tasks, environments and different team/schools/corporation cultures, upholding our core values and delivering the greatest possible experience to our students.

Senior Instructor

Robin Hill

Robin Hills is based in the United Kingdom. He is an emotional intelligence coach, trainer and facilitator focusing on the practical application of emotional intelligence with neuroscience and positive psychology to bring about change at the personal level, the team level, and the organisational level.

Senior Instructor

Ricardo Andorinho

Ricardo Andorinho is from Évora, Portugal. He is an international handball player having played in 155 matches. Ricardo is the author of a management guide “Awaken Your Genius” and founder of MBU Intelligence - a company that drives innovation. Using his business focus and experience in finance, innovation and business performance, Ricardo specialises in innovation through people.

Senior Instructor

Silvino Santos

Silvino Santos is based in Oporto, Portugal. He has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and trainer specialising in the development and management of digital content. Silvino’s focus is on the impact of technological innovation on teams and organisations to enhance professional performance ensuring profitability through the effective use of knowledge resources.

A Certificate in Business Performance


The Company of the Future will demand quick and agile responses in areas that we are just starting to understand. These areas combine a set of skills that are commonly observed in humans, but also a set of skills that are being produced by machinery, bots and algorithms.