Tech Lead Silvino Santos

Silvino Santos, our Tech Lead, boasts 20+ years of experience as a digital content consultant and trainer. He's a Cybersecurity Master's grad and Competitive Intelligence Analyst focused on enhancing professional performance and profitability via tech innovation and knowledge resources. Silvino's role at MBU Intelligence is central to guiding teams and organizations in the tech and knowledge management landscape.

Phishing Program

Human-Centric for Teams

    1. Before you begin, assess your current level of knowledge.

    2. First Step: Determine your current level of knowledge.

    1. The context of phishing in 2023

    2. Q01 - Test your Knowledge

    3. Phishing - A form of Social Engineering

    4. Q02 - Test your Knowledge

    1. Implementing an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

    2. Q03 - Test your Knowledge

    3. The MBU iSecure program - Regular Employee Training

    1. Conclude, assess your current level of knowledge.

    2. Last step: Determine your current level of knowledge.

About this course

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Give your staff the knowledge and abilities they need to recognize and effectively counteract cyberthreats. Organizations must prioritize information system security in the complex digital environment of today!

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